Lots of Boxes

I've never blogged about gear on this site before so I thought I'd take a shot at it. I'm sure I'll do more in the future, but I think today is just an appropriate day.

As I was traveling overseas a few weeks ago, I dropped my camera causing my lens to break and my camera to suffer physical damage. Thankfully, both pieces of equipment were insured. After I arrived back home today, I was pleasantly surprised to find a series of boxes sitting and waiting for my opening.

First, my damaged 5D mark II came back looking all brand new! They replaced the screen, top casing, back casing, hot shoe, and even the shutter. I can't really take pictures of the camera because I don't have another camera to do so but here are some pictures that Canon took for me (for insurance purposes)


Most of the damaged was seen in the last picture, where the casing actually cracked and was no longer weather sealed. The functions of the camera were all working properly.

A Fellow Photographer also suggested I upgrade my backup solution with some more drive redundancy, so I picked up one of these:


It's been hard to find a good backup solution for the Retina Macbook Pro because it no longer has a firewire port, leaving only thunderbolt and USB 3.0 available. Currently, the market does not have many peripherals that actually support these kind of buses, none of which that are affordable at least. I have found that most thunderbolt products start at $600 and USB 3.0 has not really surfaced all that much yet.

This G-RAID 4TB (dual 2TB) has firewire 800 but thankfully, Apple has finally (seriously about time) released this little buddy that makes ponies and rainbows appear again.


This is a Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 adapted. All is good again. 

I do desire to have a thunderbolt hard drive one day for all that speedy goodness but until then, the little Apple fanboy in me is satisfied.

Top of the Rock

Growing up in New York, you don't really do touristy stuff much. But getting to top of 30 Rock is something to be seen. I'm also glad I got to share this experience with my special someone :)

IMG 3991

IMG 4005

IMG 4006

IMG 4018

IMG 4026

IMG 4036


IMG 4065

IMG 4068

IMG 4076

IMG 4079

IMG 4083

IMG 4104

(This one is not actually of us, but I thought it was a nice image!)


IMG 4131

IMG 4141

IMG 4206

IMG 4151

IMG 4199