"I have been an actor for ten years in Los Angeles and am extremely picky about photographers. Wedding photogs are generally expensive because what they do require a lot of talent. They need to capture fleeting moments while keeping you back lit, hitting your right angle, accounting for colors and making beautifully formatted pictures. Plus they are on a time crunch. Unfortunately for the industry many people without that talent still charge a lot. Clarence is one of the few that actually have the talent needed for excellent, magazine-ready photographs. He is excellent. I found absolutely no one like him in DC. He is with certainty the best. Plus he is a genuinely kind and fun person to have at your wedding. I feel lucky to have gotten him for ours." -C&K


"Photography was a very important aspect of the wedding for me and my husband, and so we carefully researched talented photographers in the area that had flexible packages. Clarence is an extremely talented photographer, and a very easy person to work with. He captured our wedding so beautifully that when we saw the photographs it was like reliving the whole day. My sister is in the fashion and beauty industry in New York City and regularly works with professional photographers to develop campaigns, and she was very impressed with Clarence's work. All in all we couldn't be happier with our experience with Clarence, and highly recommend him for any event!!" -A&C


"I don't normally write reviews but I just had to write one about Clarence. He shot my wedding last Friday and was so creative, humble and easy to work with. My mother, who is the hardest person to please, even said that she was impressed by him. He drove up to Connecticut from DC, arrived early and stayed until the end of the reception. We had a lot of family photos that we wanted to have taken, and this included several small children. He was able to organize everyone, keep their focus and compose beautiful shots.  I had a few photo ideas that I wanted to have taken and he was open to my ideas and even found creative ways to make them better!  I work in Marketing and have worked with many photographers. You cannot go wrong with Clarence." -V&K


" My wife and I never thought we were photogenic until we met Clarence-- truly incredible!!" -K&D


"We hired Clarence to do our engagement photos and our wedding photos and we have NO regrets. Our pictures came out so beautifully! On wedding day, as to no surprise, both my husband and I were super nervous and overwhelmed. But Clarence just casual talks to you while shooting as if "no big deal" and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. At one point early on in our day, I was super emotional after my husband prayed for us and started tearing. No tissues on hand and he did not hesitate to just give me his lens cloth to wipe my tears. I won't forget that! Great photographer AND caring. Clarence is always on point, gives clear directions, and very patient. We honestly didn't even notice he was there taking pictures throughout the ceremony and reception. He was that subtle and effective. And there were so many pictures Clarence captured that I had no idea he would have been able to grab the shot in time, especially as a one man team!! Even our guests complimented on how diligent he was. We are over the moon with appreciation for all he did and couldn't have been happier. I'd definitely recommend Clarence! He really has a special touch."


"Clarence came highly recommended to us by another wedding photographer when we started looking for someone to shoot our wedding. He was extremely responsive and a joy to work with. Our engagemnt photos were fantastic, but our wedding photos were even better. I wanted someone who shot (and processed) sharp and colorful photos and Clarence delivered on it all. He was incredibly laid back and made our day easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone." -E&H


"Clarence was the best vendor we used! He is genuine and AMAZING. We would refer him in good faith to ANYONE!!" -N&D


"I was a bridesmaid in a wedding Clarence shot, and he is one of the best photographers I've interacted with! Clarence is professional and graceful as a photographer--humble yet so talented! The final photos are beautiful and artistically shot, but most importantly, it was a pleasure to have Clarence photographing the wedding events on the actual day. I highly recommend him!" -Lizzy


"Clarence was the epitome of professionalism and responsiveness. After much research into available photographers in our wedding area, we chose Clarence based upon our initial discussions and the quality of his portfolio. He captures beautiful and intimate candid moments with finesse, and his portraits consistently brings out the best in whoever he is capturing. Furthermore, he is patient, kind, and thoughtful. Asks great questions to understand what we find important about wedding photography and to better comprehend our aesthetic. Pricing is reasonable especially given his talent and service. Even one of our bridesmaids commented that she wished she could rewind time, and hired Clarence as a photographer. Clarence Chan has our and our wedding party's highest recommendation."


"Clarence is one of the best photographers I've met. My brother is a wedding photographer, too, so I say that with some knowledge about the field. Clarence is hard-working and gives you his full attention the weekend of your wedding. Our wedding was in California and he was even willing to come a day early to scope out the church, but couldn't cuz Hurricane Sandy delayed his flight. He is willing to work WITH you and fulfill YOUR ideas of the wedding rather than impose his own. For us, we had to set some uncommon parameters (e.g. no pictures from the front during the ceremony) and he gladly complied, and still took amazing photos by using long range lenses. To help us even more, he hired a second photog at his own expense and stayed with us the entire day when he didn't have to. His final product was amazing. My brother even said, "For the value you hired him at, and the pictures you got, and everything he did, you got the most amazing deal." And at the end, I can gladly say that Clarence has become a friend as well. He's a gentlemen of a guy who will treat you (and your guests!) with respect, rather than some pushy photographer guy who acts like he owns the place. He won't complain or get in your face, and is willing to take whatever photos you ask. Efficient, and on time, responsible and dependable. I'd like to give him 6 stars if I could. Great job, Clarence!" -K&E


 "Clarence was very professional, on-time and produced a beautiful style of photography. We have nothing but great things to say about Clarence and the everlasting memories he captured on our special day. Clarence was at our wedding for a super long time, but he always had a smile on his face and displayed nothing but patience and commitment to quality photos. Not only was he awesome throughout the entire day, he kept us up to date about the status of the photos. We were never wondering when we'd get the photos after the wedding. We highly recommend and trust Clarence's expertise for any event - not just weddings. Thank You Clarence! Our 1 Year anniversary just passed and the photos brought back so many beautiful memories." -E&M


"Clarence was a great photographer for our wedding. Communicating with Clarence has been real easy. He is very quick to respond and if there were delays, it wasn't for more than 2 days. Even though Clarence had jobs with many other clients, Clarence was very responsible with our wedding details and treated us as if we were his only clients. He's also very flexible and respectful about preferences and shows a great interest in achieving the desired tone in the photos. Clarence is great with both posed pictures as well as capturing candid photos. He is very skilled at utilizing natural light in all his photos. He takes great indoor photos as well. When the wedding was over, Clarence took about a month to complete the processing of the photos. I highly recommend Clarence for anyone else who's looking for a photographer for their wedding."