Mary and Mobin // Northern Virginian Wedding

I first met Mary and Mobin when we were college students and we didn't know each other too well back then. Mary and I were just aspiring photography hobbyists (photo-hobs?). I had a little entry level Canon DSLR and she had a Nikon. Mobin, well, I just knew he was a funny guy.

I always knew they were warm and fun-loving people. But it was not until I made that move to the DC area that I got to experience more of their friendship. And from the photos below, you can tell that they love people and are very loved by those around them.

I mean come on... look at the size of that wedding party. They had the LARGEST wedding party I have ever covered (10 on each side, not including them)!

To me they've also become trusted friends and I'm honored to have been trusted to capture their wedding. Congrats guys!