Teddy + Tiphanie // Snowy Clifton Engagement Shoot

Whew... what a winter is has been in Virginia. All this snow reminds me of my college days spent in the bitterly cold Buffalo, NY (where 9 month winters exist).

Many of my clients want to wait till spring for their engagement shoots because winter is just too cold to wear their cute dresses and outfits.  They want to take pictures in front of lush scenery with warm tones, backlit light, and etc (which I love!). However, Teddy and Tiphanie showed that couples can make their engagement shoots just as interesting and beautiful in the dead of winter. With blankets, gloves, boots, and additional props, we ventured out into the cold and took some original and stylish photos. Even though the temperature was below 20 degrees, Teddy and Tiphanie were adventurous and open to doing new things for their shoot--which shone through the pictures. We jumped on cabooses, ran on train tracks, took a "picnic" on a snow-filled field, and sought refuge in a coffee shop.

They were the type of couple that inspires photographers to be more creative and remember why we do what we do.