Hsiang-En + Shin-Yu // San Francisco, California

I really love San Francisco. Before going full time as a photographer, I spent a few summers in SF, leading college students in growing their faith in Jesus through the Epic Movement. I really loved being staff and quite honestly, I miss it a ton. 

I think brotherly friendships often grow through interesting conversations about women. (If you are girl, I'm sure this applies also in the vice-versa.) Although Hsiang-En and I met through Epic as staff, our friendship evolved as he pried into my romantic relationship with girlfriend (who is now my fianceƩ). :P

Well, it was my turn to dive in their lives. I met the beautiful and sweet Shin-Yu that Hsiang-En raved about. Together, they gave me the honor to capture their most special day in their lives yet.

Here's a little snippet of their day. Hope you enjoy!