Eric + Kristina | Davis, CA Wedding

I met Eric and Kristina through a good friend and fellow photographer, Minnow. Minnow is also the Eric's brother and best man. When I first heard Eric's voice over the phone, my brain took a few double takes as I resisted to say the name of his brother.

It's interesting how in my work, most of clients, though strangers at first, end up becoming friends of mine. Eric and Kristina are such sweet individuals and I felt their wedding was so meaningful. The venue took place at Kristina's home church and everything  was either handmade or hand-ons. The dress, the food, flowers, all of it. 

Although all those aspects were great, the most meaningful part of their wedding was that it was a worship service to God, the one who created and sustains all things.

Thanks for having me, Eric and Kristina, congratulations again!

Also... thanks to my many (many) assistants that day, including my second shooter, Raymond! He's got serious talent.