Hanway + Erica / Clifton,VA Engagement

I haven't know Erica and Hanway for very long but we will forever share a common bond. Eunice and I got engaged on the same day as them! September 30, 2012 for the win. 

Since then though, it has been a joy to know Erica and Hanway better. It's an honor to capture their engagement and wedding.

Just this past sunday, Erica was telling me about her two cats, one that is more "normal" (cats are mysterious little critters) and one that appears ninja like. Hanway said it took a while to discover if this feline actually existed. The cat uses it stealthy abilities to consume its morsels and drink its lavish tap water unseen. 

On contrary though (and in a good way), Hanway wasn't quite so ninja on his pursuit of Erica. He was sweet and intentional. Paraphrasing Erica, Hanway wasn't a guy who would do something unless he really wanted to. And I think... Erica liked that :)

Hope you enjoy the set!