T + D // Lake Barcroft, Virginia Wedding

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Over here on the East Coast, we get all types of crazy weather and many couples often worry if their day will be sun-soaked or drowned in torrential downpour.  

Enter Tracy and Dave's lake wedding! They got sun and rain and their wedding was still awesome. Like, really awesome. Although the day started with comfortable conditions, the mid-day thunderstorm happened to fall at the same time as the ceremony. Through some executive decision making, the wedding coordinator (Kaitlin - Cheers Darling) switched the cocktail and ceremony times to and everything worked out perfectly. In fact, I felt the rain made things look so much cooler since moisture has the ability to saturate colors and give texture to photos.

The weather did not affect Tracy and Dave one bit. I don't think anything could have. They were just the happiest and most cheerful couple ever. They even had a getaway boat!

(Credits at Bottom of Post)

Planner and Coordination by Cheers Darling Events // Flowers by Floral and Bloom Designs // Hair and Makeup by Modern Bridal Studio // Day of Paper Goods by Paperzest // Invitations by Minted // Day of Calligraphy by Wink // Prep and Hotel: Lorien Hotel // Cake by Fluffy Thoughts // Deserts by  // Photography by Clarence Chan Assistance by Keri Tan

Team USA Awards 2016

Back in September, I had the honor to be one of the in-house photographers for Team USA Awards, through MAG Marketing (for behind the scenes shots)! It was such an exciting opportunity for me, as I had just watched (in awe) how Katie Ledecky broke multiple world records and lapped her competitors during the summer Olympics. I watched how the US gymnastics team surmounted all the seemingly humanly-impossible routines. There were countless of sports in which our athletes excelled, and that summer, I felt extra proud to be an American. Once again, America was number 1 for the summer Olympics.

At the event, I acted professional and calm on the outside, but was fan-boying on the inside. I got to meet and talk to some of my heroes. I was surprised at how down-to-earth and funny they were, and left the event feeling inspired. I hope you enjoy the following selection of pictures from the event--see who you can recognize (sadly, Michael Phelps and Carmelo Anthony did not attend the event)!

Yes, that is my hand in the picture, and yes, the medal was really heavy!